INDIAN® - FTR® 1200

Friday, March 6, 2020

HP CORSE HYDROFORM-SHORT SILENCERS obtained by hydroforming technology are approved euro 4 with dbk and laser engraved logos. The HP CORSE 1 IN 2 SLIP-ON LINK PIPE is hand-welded with a beautiful carbon cover which partially embraces it, guiding the eye to the two lovely superimposed HYDROFORM-SHORT. The HP CORSE CAT ELIMINATOR LINK-PIPE is a work of art composed of 25 pieces handwelded together. Its function is to replace the standard catalyst for an even more powerful engine with uncontainable tourque. We can say with great satisfaction that the HP CORSE exhaust system completely changes the rear part of the FTR®, making it aggressive and even more iconic for an absolutely unique styling layout.

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