Friday, March 6, 2020

A motorcycle born to satisfy the spirits in search of adventure.

GUZZI V85 TT immediately refers to the atmospheres of the great "marathons" such as the Dakar and to all those races that have made the history of motorcycling "OFF" offering a perfect synthesis between the ancient charm given by the eagle brand and the powerful lines of a " modern classic ". GUZZI V85 TT is the ideal motorcycle for making any type of journey and also for this reason touched by an extraordinary success with the public. HP CORSE has dedicated one of its latest creations to this splendid representative of the "made in Italy" and to its transverse V-engine at 90 ° and 853 cc, the SPS CARBON exhaust capable like no one else in meeting the spirit and the character of this new Guzzi.

SPS CARBON presents itself with a project that has seen itself at the center of many hours on the bench and thousands of km travelled on all types of terrain and roads. An exhaust capable of guaranteeing resistance and reliability as well as extraordinary torque and superior performance, in particular at low and medium speeds.
SPS CARBON changes the style of the V85 TT making it more streamlined in the rear area as well as lighter and able to extricate itself even better between curves, changes of direction and hairpin bends. Available in three different materials: titanium, black ceramic coated stainless steel, satin stainless steel.
Available in the Euro 4 approved version, it has the laser engraved HP Corse logo.

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